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Perfection is a lie.

Created by Baltimore artist Amanda McCormick, Former Housewife is here to reclaim the means of production within a system that wants to destruct & consume.

Our mission is to build a brand that showcases handcrafted books & other magical art under the notion that beauty can be formed by excavating what capitalism leaves behind.

Instead of trying to squeeze out maximum profits from the efforts of people, the planet, and yourself, why not uncover the beauty & magic in the true essence of who you are?

Through creative alchemy and spectacular vision, Former Housewife is here to remind you that what you perceive is often more about YOU than what you see. When you are able to observe this in yourself and others, you discover & nourish your power.

As tools of creativity exploration, self acceptance, love and personal growth, our carefully made products keep intention as top priority — each curated, designed and handcrafted to help you unearth your own internal treasures and alchemize your most authentic & satisfied self.

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