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Your Junk Is My Treasure

Are you currently living in the Baltimore metro area and have a garage FULL OF JUNK!? Donate that old junk to be retooled today!

Email me at and we can chat about it!

Pick ups and drop offs available in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Retooled: adapt or alter something to make it more useful

I've set up all my businesses on the idea of sustainability by design. That means a lot of the materials I use to create art are retooled treasures, someone's old junk. It takes time and effort not only to find quality treasures and process materials but it's my mission to one day become a fully sustainable organization.

Hardcover books give me scrap paper, book boards, spine cloths.
Cabinet knobs can be used to make stamps

Old clothes will give me book covers, rags.

Used shipping boxes can be well… shipping boxes.

Posters can give me beautifully designed book covers.

Half a box of broken crayons can be melted.

Old electronics can be turned into raw materials.

Abused CD Cases are treasures,

don't even get me started on cassettes tapes!


If you’re about to toss it, I can use it!

If you really think this is a great idea, awesome, we're kindred spirits!
Keep an eye out for my patreon for special monthly offers and retooling ideas! In the meantime donate here to support the retooling cause!

20% off coupon with any large donation!

*If you’re asking what large means, it never hurts to give more!

I am getting there, one ripped textbook at a time! 



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