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Forever Friends at all speeds

I am so excited about my new Forever Friends Bookbinding Kit featuring 100% scrap, salvaged and reused materials! It comes with everything you need to make two mini books plus video and written instructions. This is such a fun little project to do as your own small edition or with a partner.

Purchase your copy of the Forever Friends Bookbinding Project Kit HERE!

What's even more exciting is that the tutorial comes in various speeds and is available with or without vocals. In these videos, I tried to emphasize the natural sounds of the paper handling and bookmaking process which I think is even another way to bring the subject to memory. When I'm learning something new, I often look for the information to be presented to me in various ways, it helps me to fully grasp what is at hand. Who can relate? There are so many ways to comprehend / absorb information. What are some ways you help yourself learn?

Please enjoy the tutorials below. For step-by-step instructions click HERE

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Thank you! Fun to watch! I like the visuals with spoken instructions. Would this binding method work for a larger book? I'll check around your website to see if you have instructions on the stitching, too.

Jun 30, 2021
Replying to

Hi, yes it would work for a larger book! The binding is just a simple pamphlet stitch :)

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